Dawn Taft developed a love for the outdoors growing up in Michigan, Hawaii and Florida— camping, horseback riding, snorkeling, fishing and boating. Her active lifestyle and love of travel has grown through the years and new inspirations for the canvas are captured in her adventure photography. Whether landscapes, animals or abstracts, nature provides the creative spark for her work. “To me, a bent blade of grass, a forest canopy or a cast shadow represents peace… and a spirituality can be found in that peace. I’m on a journey to capture that ephemeral spirit on canvas."

There is peace and beauty around all of us every day… we just need to take a moment and see it with fresh eyes. I’d like to help people make their own connection with the natural environment. By doing so, we can see nature’s work, connect to something larger than ourselves and enjoy the serenity and calm waiting for us.

As we learn to value our environment, we become invested caretakers, with an interest and drive in maintaining and improving our natural surroundings for ourselves, our children and our community.

Dawn works from her studio in Fort Worth, Texas, where she has resided for 20 years.